Mission Statement

GlobalLight Projects assists people in the developing world by means of the application of simple technologies.

We will carry this out by
  1. providing renewable energy to communities by focusing on schools, dispensaries and homes
  2. improving the health of communities by providing accessible, potable water and irrigation
  3. applying these technologies with, for example, computers and cell phones as well as providing mosquito nets, text books and small business equipment  
  4. working with and through the local community leadership

Our work will enhance the lives of people through improvement of community infrastructure.  This will particularly benefit women and children who suffer most in societies with limited resources.  For example, girls are kept from school in favour of boys. They consequently do most of the manual labour (ie hauling water and cutting firewood) while never learning modern nutrition and health care (for example), which negatively affects the health of the next generation.  These are issues of justice, economy and development.  By improving education, the future of the whole community is improved.
The nearly 2 billion people who are off the electrical grid can only join the modern world by means of renewable, sustainable energy sources. Electricity is a basic ingredient of modern societies. A stable supply means water for irrigation thus enhancing food security; new opportunities for small business such as sewing machines, power tools and cell phones; refrigeration, not only for food safety but also for medicine in dispensaries; provision of communication technologies such as radio, TV and the Internet; schools equipped with computers and science labs to prepare students for higher education and which will attract and retain qualified teachers. GlobalLight Projects seeks not only to provide renewable energy installations but to contribute to communities in benefiting  from technologies long taken for granted in the developed world. The technology presently exists and at reasonable prices for small scale installations which will make a huge difference in a community without negatively impacting the environment. 

Working closely with local community leaders, we will provide solutions that are desirable and sustainable in local contexts without creating dependencies.  For example, electricity provided in the homes of school teachers, will be paid for at market rates thus making the installation sustainable.  Projects will  be installed
only with the consent of local leadership and where there is agreement to implement strategies of sustainability. Realizing that a variety of programs and tools are necessary for developing the two-thirds world, we will endeavour to work with others, both national and international, applying others' resources when possible and sharing our resources and expertise as applicable. Whenever possible, we desire to develop partnerships, both strategically and for specific projects. Therein lies the potential for better lives in the developing world, in breaking the cycle of poverty which limits entire countries.

Let There Be Light!