Let There Be Light!

GlobalLight Projects focuses on assisting people in the developing world by means of applications of simple technology.

The first project, completed in 2010 provided solar power to a school in Chona, a village of some 12,000 people in southern Zambia (see pictures of the installation here). Additional projects have been installed in Kasaka and Kayola, also in southern Zambia. Computers and projectors have been installed in 2 of the schools.

The average child in Zambia can expect just nine years of schooling. Teachers are reluctant to be posted to rural communities where basic amenities such as electricity and running water are non-existent. Thirty-five years ago, just two students from the village passed into secondary school. Today, that number remains unchanged. Providing solar powered lighting, electricity to run electronic equipment and a pump to distribute safe water is a simple but dramatic way to begin to improve lives. Today's children deserve better prospects than their grandparents. That is what GlobalLight Projects is about.

Read more about GlobalLight Projects in our FAQs.

Read about our recent activities, including the installation report and our thoughts on related issues at our blog.

Listen to Thomas and Doug interviewed on ZambiaBlog Talk Radio (after an ad and a minute of music)

Read an article in The Times of Zambia profiling GlobalLight Projects and other Canadian initiatives in Zambia

Watch this brief video (7:42) introducing GlobalLight Projects.

Introduction to GlobalLight Projects

Also, watch a video from Chona, Zambia where a local elder speaks about the benefits of electrifying the school.

To learn about using ultra-violet radiation from the sun to purify water quickly and cheaply, visit the Water page. It's pretty amazing!

Visit our PowerOut site to learn about an exciting new fund-raising tool developed especially to engage teenagers in helping provide electricity for their peers in Africa.

Test your global awareness with the PowerOut quiz or respond to the PowerOut Online Poll and see what others think of the activism of teenagers.

You can now donate and receive an income tax receipt!

You can see more details of the project on the Project Details page

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